Disable spell check on form fields

TIL that you can turn off spell checking for text input form fields.

I know, this sounds like a terrible idea. Similar atrocities such as turning off cut and paste have been committed by others and are very annoying indeed. However, used carefully and in the right context, it's good to know that this is possible.

My particular use case was for a form field designed to accept a Foursquare ID. The value entered would only ever be a mixture of numbers and letters and would always fail a spell check. The red dotted line signals to the user that they have made a mistake, even if their input is valid.

This is one such case where I think turning off spell checking is a good idea.

To do this, you simply add the spellcheck attribute to your input tag and set it to false.

<input name="foursquare_id" type="text" spellcheck="false">

And, there we go, no spell checking on the form field.