Me, me, me. All about me.

I've been a Web Developer for over 14 years.
99% of my work is now Ruby, Rails and JavaScript.

I first started using Rails before version 1. I came for Rails, but stayed for Ruby, having also used Sinatra and Rack.
I have used MySQL, MongoDB and Memcache. I've also had various amounts of exposure to Postgres, Redis and ElasticSearch.

Testing code is important, especially as a design tool. Having less than 100% code coverage doesn't matter, what you test does. I've done this using tools such as MiniTest, RSpec and Cucumber with Capybara.

I am proficient in JavaScript. I've used jQuery extensively and also have experience with MVC frameworks such as Backbone.js. I've also dabbled with CoffeeScript.

Of course, we need to deploy all this code. I have experience deploying code to Heroku, EngineYard and traditional server environments.

I care about quality. I appreciate good design, and I have an eye for detail. Whitespace and proper indentation matter to me.

If you need help with your project, feel free to contact me